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We are
a small ministry with
a big vision.

Our gifted and humble collective of musicians and singers have been intentionally writing songs since 2021. We seek to creatively glorify God and edify our church through doctrinally-sound lyrics and engaging, singable melodies. Our heart is to equip people with anthems of truth that dispel the constant inundation of lies.  We want to be be unity-champions, diversity-cultivators, and bridge-builders through our writing. 

Jesus Always [Radio Edit]

Remix of our original song, "Jesus Always"!


Our team sought to write a Christmas album that shows how Jesus was preeminent in all things, so He was with God in the beginning. "Always" walks from Genesis to the birth of Christ, has beautifully rich music, and is filled with scripture. 

Changed (Live) EP

We recorded Changed (Live) at our Worship Night as we shared the album with out people. These are powerful and dynamic versions of our songs and we love hearing our people declare these amazing truths! For more on what these songs were written about, read below in the description of "Changed EP." 

Changed EP

Changed was written as part of a songwriting initiative where Pastor Charlie commissioned us to write about people who met Jesus and they were never the same. We often hear about major characters in the Bible , but what about the ones whose stories are but a single passage? Their lives mattered enough to Jesus for Him to not only see them, but meet them in their time of need and offer more than just the healing they desired. Get to know the paralytic who was lowered through the roof, blind Bartimaeus, the syrophoenician woman, the woman caught in adultery, and the woman at the well through this powerful album.

Home For the Hurting

"Home for the Hurting" was inspired by the vision that our leadership gave us... that we aren't here to be a flashy or fancy place, but a place hurting people can feel welcome and find healing. This song is a peek into the DNA of Park Springs Bible Church. This was our first single, released in November of 2021, as part of our Celebration Service.


If you would like resources like chord charts and choir music, just send Amanda an email and she will be more than happy to send them your way!

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