Our vision as a team is to point hearts to Christ through music. Our Ministry is designed to provide its members a place to serve the church by using their God-given talents while assisting in creatively communicating the life-changing message of Christ through music.

The Worship Ministry is made up of band, vocal, and tech teams that serve on a monthly rotation. Led by Pastor Michael Toller, these teams work together to create weekly services at Park Springs. If you would like to be a part of our worship team please email pastor Michael here.

Teach Me Your WAys

A few months ago as Pastor Charlie sat in his office, he reflected on all the things that our church has faced over the past few years. 

As he sought God's direction in how to Shepherd the faith family here at Park Springs he began writing. The result was a few pages of lyrics that he felt could be a song for our church. He met with Michael and Paula-Beth Toller and they began a collaboration that created a beautiful original song for Park Springs Bible Church.

Feel free to listen here or you can even download the following MP3 below. 

Our hope is that it will bless you and draw you nearer to the Master Teacher, Jesus.